Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My plans

I've decided to learn Java as my next programming language for two reasons. I want to learn more languages so I can work with different programming languages and I wanted to help with a mod project done for the game Minecraft. The mod in question is called Terrafirmacraft and its goal is to bring more believability in the game and to tweak survival mode so it's actually survival mode(so with a lot more difficulty). The mod itself is no longer just a mod, but almost an entirely different game because of so many changes they've made. I suggest you try it out if you're interested in it and you have a copy of minecraft.

Anyways, I'll be spending time in learning Java and just casually programming in Python. I expect to know quite a bit within a month, enough to actually understand minecraft code and to make the change I want to make. Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roguelike RPG and the first 'tool'

Hi everyone,

The RPG I'm creating right now is starting to become more and more like an RPG. I've chosen not to create a generic RPG, but something similar to the game system used by Konami's Azure dreams. 
This will be my first big project, since I'm adding some AI and I want to add in a story. This will give me experience in many areas and will test my ability to create an organized piece of code.
Because I think it will take me too long to add in every piece of code by myself, I've decided to create 'tools'  to simplify my main script. These will enable me to quickly add new character/monsters in a library that will be loaded into the main script, adding monsters or music in certain maps etc.

My first tool I have created is called a Simple Entity Tool. This tool will help me create a library of monsters and characters by allowing me to change different stats and names very quickly. This will save the file in a .dat file, but any other extension should be readable and writable as well.
You can take a look at the tool here
My next job would be creating a map tool. It should come with a random map generator and I should be able to select what groups of monsters shows up in which map. Collision detection is almost done so I think the biggest challenge here would be the random map generator.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The game!

Actually I already finished this like a week ago,but I finally made my first complete game ever! Sure, it's only an Asteroids game and it needed little coding, but at least it works from what I know. There still might be bugs because I didn't quite tested the whole thing, so let me know if you find anything. The download of this game can be found here. I've now started creating a simple RPG to learn item management, menu and events. It'll still have bad graphics, but that's not really the point of me programming games.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A calculator

I did say before I was going to make a digital portfolio first and then try to achieve my goals. Well, I got bored with it and decided to create a simple calculator with Python. Works quite well, nothing too extraordinary. Link can be found here. Going to make an Asteroids game, it's already almost done now.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm not sure if I....

So trying to make your own portfolio from scratch seems to be quite harder than I actually think. I'm really bad at designing websites so I can't make anything fancy.
Right now I have a very simple layout that I can use with just html and I can probably just make a site from that. I already decided on a goal or two that I want to achieve this month, one of them is making a simple tetris game on pygame. Now to add text in this online portfolio...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My first blog ever

This is Jun and this is my very first blog and message ever. In this blog I'll mostly talk about one of my hobbies which is programming so I can show the world my plans for learning PHP, Python and developing software and websites. Programming is my hobby at this moment, but I want this to become a fulltime work when I learn how to make things.
Up until now I've learned how to use Python for object oriented programming, but also basic web programming such as HTML, CSS. My aim is to learn PHP and javascript so I can make dynamic websites.
Quite new in programming since I never went to a study so my first goal is to make a digital portfolio with what I've learned. I'll try to do this in PHP, so I hope it'll be done in a few days.